Sunday, December 2, 2007

Knitter Nirvana

What a great knitting week.  Well, not in terms of actual production, but when measured by exposure to knitting it was stellar!  I was on a business trip this week in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and had an opportunity to visit Knitting Up a Storm.  Although a little tricky to find, I was rewarded with a great yarn store.  I was killing time before the flight home and thought that poking around a knitting shop would be the perfect way to pass the time.   They have a large yarn selection and a huge section in the back of yarn on sale.  I stocked up on some fabulous Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon at half price!  I also find some beautiful dark gray OnLine Jeans and incredibly soft and yummy Snowflake by Sirdar, all at 50% off.  I then settled in to go through all the boxes of back issues of knitting magazines.  I then wandered through their extensive book selection and needle inventory.  
I then had the presence of mind to take a look at my watch and realize that it was 3:20 and I was scheduled for a 4:15 departure.  You can guess the rest.  I missed my plane...BUT I had plenty knitting supplies and magazines to keep me happy while I waited two hours for the next plane to take me home.
Saturday, I headed to Tampa to Knit and Knibble with friends to spend the day knitting.  This is a thoroughly delightful knitting shop with all the right elements.  A great yarn selection, comfortable places to spread out with your projects, and a group of terrific knitters.  There is a full class schedule and clinic hours where you can get help on your specific projects.  But the regulars are so generous with help as well.  The shop has a cafe with great coffees and desserts so that hunger doesn't interfere.
I worked most of the day learning to make socks.  I'm excited to get this down.  Socks are the perfect project to travel with.
So, as predicted, more yarn purchases, needle purchases, etc.
I spent Sunday morning exploring the Ravelry website.
I started entering my stash inventory into my Ravelry notebook.  I think until this morning I had been able to deceive myself about the actual amount of yarn I had amassed.  No more.  There is no denying the extent of the addiction.  Thankfully I know so many of you are similarly afflicted and doubtless many of you have inventories that exceed mine, so I can then feel a little more virtuous...

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