Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Christmas Meditation

Another Christmas come and gone... This year seemed more about the right things, family, friends, and the Birth and less about malls and running around.  
Throughout it all, I worked on my sock. (My first!)  The saying "pride cometh before the fall" could not be more accurate.  I was filled with self congratulations on how well things were going and how far I had gone without a single mistake.  That was about the time I glanced down- way down- and noticed a slipped stitch that made a huge hole in what I thought was my perfect sock.  I tried to pick it up with the crochet hook and somehow things just did not look right.  You guessed it:  I ended up ripping it.  Ugh!
I'm heading to my home in South Florida for a few days.  I'm looking forward to poking around old haunts, spending time with old friends and  - YES! - checking out South Florida yarn stores.
I wanted to include a picture of my dog Cheyenne, who it seems, also has yarn lust.  She now grabs a ball of yarn out of one of my baskets to cuddle with during her afternoon nap.

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